Steve Hawkins
Steve R. Hawkins
Name: Steve R. Hawkins
Status: Alive
Birthplace: United States of America
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: United States Army
Games: 1
First game: Vietcong
Last game: Vietcong
Appears in: 1 game

Steve R. Hawkins is a soldier in the United States Army and main protagonist of Vietcong.


Military serviceEdit


On June 28, 1967, Hawkins arrived at Nui Pek Camp. He soon met with Captain Rosenfield to get his bearings and was led to his bunker. After putting his bag down, he walked to the firing range and practiced his shooting.

First missionEdit

Hawkins first mission

Hawkins leaving with Crocker and Captain Rosenfield for his first mission.

After practicing at the firing range, Hawkins was greeted by Crocker, a medic. Crocker walked Hawkins to a jeep where Captain Rosenfield was awaiting him. Rosenfield informed him that they were moving out on Hawkins' first mission. The three entered the jeep and left the base.

Hawkins and Rosenfield meet with chief

Hawkins and Captain Rosenfield meet with the village chief.

After a drive, they arrived at the Jarai village. Crocker went to tend to his patient while Captain Rosenfield and Hawkins met with the village's chief. During their meeting, a Viet Cong sniper opened fire upon them. Rosenfield, Crocker and Hawkins quickly took cover.

Crocker and Hawkins then attacked and killed the sniper, causing the other Viet Cong enemy soldiers to retreat.

Viet Cong supply trailEdit

Rosenfield briefing

Captain Rosenfield briefing the soldiers with Hawkins next to him.

On July 5, 1967, Rosenfield briefed the camp's soldiers with Hawkins standing beside him. He informed them of their mission details with Hawkins adding to his statements. After the briefing, Hawkins returned to his bunker.

Hawkins and his team arrives

Hawkins and his team arrives at the mission location.

On July 6, 1967, a group of soldiers including Hawkins arrived via chopper to the mission location. They soon began searching the canyon, encountering and disarming many traps and killing enemies troops along their way.

Behind the ScenesEdit


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